Purpose – Why Do You Need It and What Is it?

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First of all, in regards to creating an epic dating life or wishing to live a more meaningful and conscious life – the question is always going to be about your purpose.

They have various definitions – instructions from god, handprint on the world, a higher calling, obsession, the inner voice, life directions, “the force” and what not.

If we skip the religious/spiritual/fictional part, in a normal sentence it translates to; your life’s message.

In other words, what do you wish to do during your time on Earth, now that you are here?

Examples on things you might want to do; “To make people laugh”, “To inspire everyone to greatness”, “To chill harder than anyone else”.  Yes, these are total reasonable purposes that you can make your own today, though I do recommend you find one on your own.

Note: “To get a pool & a mansion”, is NOT a purpose. Materialistic goals are not the same thing, and neither will it do you any good because of its selfish nature. Never be solely attached to the outcome of your purpose, it’s not an end goal (de-attachment, more about that in another article).

Quick history lesson

Throwback 2000~ years ago, the universal purpose for Homo sapiens was to “survive & explore” the world. To get that fire lit, hang out in the cave’s, bang each other’s brains out, make babies, find water and pluck vegan plants to make sure we would live to see another day. That was just life. That still IS our basic human ‘programming’.

Today we’re having a whole different ball game, especially in the Western World where physical dangers or survival is not really an issue as it used to be ‘back in the days’. We’re the only creatures on earth who have food and water on-demand, and 95% of the “map” already explored and as shown on Instagram.

For most people this creates a disruptive pattern in our bodies and for us to feel how we are ‘hard wired’ to, have become very hard and made things go haywire. Either people don’t see any purpose with their life (depression) or succeeds to create a purpose other than “survival”, but for most of us that is still not enough and so f*king difficult. Why is this? 

Let me tell you something you’ve been wondering about.

You do not need a unique purpose. A lot of people I’ve talked to, for some crazy reason, come to the conclusion that their purpose has to be so grandiose, so unique and special to the point like “‘I’m going to revolutionize the space toilet after we colonized Mars”.  Ehhhh… okay, breathe homie.

If a purpose is something you are stretching for – then that’s not really your purpose. You’re just literally ignoring your purpose for the sake of significance by doing so, for the sake of being viewed as a special little unique unicorn. You might have some hidden blocks from your childhood (everyone have some sort of trauma) if you are feeling stuck and just making the same mistakes over and over again, but…

Here’s the truth: You don’t need a unique purpose! Any purpose that’s yours, is automatically unique, it is inherently unique. Why is that? Because it’s YOUR story, it’s YOUR message that’s being shared and there is no one else on this planet that can tell or share that story.

The power of purpose

Think about this, every four years we have the Olympics. Every year we watch different people, with the SAME purpose being out there, slaying it in the fields, on the track and in the pool. We humans love to watch people on their purpose. It lights us up, it literally turns us on. This is why the during the World Championship finals, even people who aren’t interested in it get so ridiculously into it.

We can tell when someone is completely plugged in to their purpose. They don’t half-ass or dabble it, they don’t put one foot in the water to see if it’s cold or not. They straight nosedive in to their craft 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year and they are ALL ABOUT IT Everything in their life is straight up congruent; they are set in a straight line to success, even if success don’t happen like that. We love seeing people immersed and lost in the moment, completely dominating their path, being on their purpose. It inspires us and it rubs off.

The way to purpose

If I take a personal example; I’ve had this gig, which I’ve known deep inside that I’ve been wanting to do for ages. But I couldn’t really describe what it was.

I wanted to help people see the missing links in their interactions. I wanted to change how guys saw themselves, I wanted to change how guys we’re being portrayed in society, I wanted to remind guys who they are, where they come from and that they’re not meant to be weak. They’re not meant to be doormats, not meant to be pushovers. They are strong, dominant ambitious, successful human beings, by just being and that is the way they are meant to live their lives. If they’re currently not, it’s not a matter of they have it or if they don’t, it’s simply a matter of them been playing an actor their whole lives. They have been playing a character, they haven’t been real, and they haven’t been themself because if they were themselves they would be that dominant badass of their lives.

So if you don’t have to words to describe what it is want to do, but you have an idea…



You have literally nothing to loose, I don’t care that you’re not sure what it is yet. You will discover it as you go, no one starts on their ‘main’ purpose. Elon Musk didn’t start saying ‘HEY I want to put people on mars’, he just wanted to make money and then it went from one thing to the next, to PayPal to perhaps revolutionizing toilet…

May the force be with you.

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