Be Alone First

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Quick read.

I think (read, I know for sure) a lot of people are obsessed with the idea of love, to the point that they just completely lose themselves in it. Most of us, are so afraid of being on our own.

Some people say that they DO want to be alone, but really, most people don’t mean it one bit. I think that when people utter that word ‘alone’, they don’t grasp the context of it and shiver in fear. I mean, does it mean hiding in a room completely disconnected from the world? Well, to a degree – yes. But there’s more to it. When one truly realizes what it means to be alone, they’ve just taken a piece of that heavenly freedom and know it’s real.

So what does it mean to be alone?

Being alone means trying to satisfy your own needs before anyone else’s who does not add value to your life. It’s about learning to not be affected by your surroundings, people or other people’s thoughts. Of course, to be able to do this you need to be self-conscious and open-minded (waddup meditation). THIS does not apply to the less intelligent people who only use articles like these to confirm their dumb personality and awful character. By not being affected by other peoples thoughts, I’m implying that your thought process should go like this;


girl (aka peoples thoughts/opinon):  ’Uh, you shouldn’t wear those pants , they’re ugly, you should buy black jeans instead’

your thoughts: SHIT, she doesn’t like that? Man I have to get something else or wear something else so she will still like me (bro, really?)


girl (aka peoples thoughts/opinon):  ’Uhm, you can’t wear those pants babe, they’re ugly, you should buy black jeans instead’

what you say: But I do enjoy these pants, I could give yours a chance as well though, I might like it and be comfortable in it!

your thoughts: lol, if she doesn’t start telling me how to dress in a more positive way she is probably trying to change me into someone else. What she doesn’t know is that I am my own person and I won’t change myself only because she thinks it’s ugly. Get the hell away from me woman.

Do you first

You have to get to that point where you feel fully comfortable and know that you can be independent and do ANYTHING by yourself, and then stop there and realize that now you do want to share life.

” The thing about being single is. You should cherish it. Because maybe in a week, or in a lifetime, you may only get one moment. One moment where you are not tied up in a relationship or anyone. A parent, a pet, a sibling, a friend. Just one moment where you stand on your own really truly single and then, it’s gone.” .. Why? Because you just became so goddamn epic.

Now go get some that D- or V-vitamin 

Love, Mario

Vem är Mario?

Mario Noghani är en internationell Mental Performance Specialist som utbildar & coachar drömmare, företagsledare & content creators i mänskligt beteende, för att hjälpa de skifta sina perceptioner & överkomma sina egna mentala utmaningar på insidan, som i sin tur, löser problemen på utsidan.

Dina proffesionella utmaningar är personliga problem, i förklädnad.

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