Break the norm – (2012 – Journal)

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Personal diary from 2012- Norms.

 During my early teenage years, I never understood the concept of breaking the norm. My definition of the norm was; a “thing” for insecure “alternative kids”, who sat on the stairs in school corridors and just wanted to be seen as special. I was right to an extent, but I literally had no idea… I didn’t understand insecurity or escapism back then. I thought people who behaved like that just wanted to be cool, or were being ‘overly sensitive’ and wanted to run away from silly problems (wow young me, just wow). So yeah, there is a high change they were insecure, in need for a dose of validation and someone to talk to, but what did I know. Anyway, those kids who sat on the stairs, I don’t think they ever really thought about how BRILIANT and ON POINT they actually were. Those beautiful beings have made me think twice – many times. Those guys I judged, those guys who had it rougher than me, they were actually damn brave. They didn’t give a f’ck and just changed. They DID something, they were scared, they probably DID care at the same as well, and even so went through the effort and began metamorphose.

“Why do they want to be so different and extreme?” I asked myself.

In my eyes, it seemed like they were trying so hard to become anything else than what they were at that moment. What I’ve realized is, those kids, they WANTED to be exactly anything other than what they were, at that precise moment. Sub-consciously, they wanted change and change pronto. They wanted to forge new paths and pursued various things that sparked their interest and attention, and that made them feel. They experienced the feeling of being alive and belonging. Changing and ‘becoming’ something new, letting go of the old worked for them, so they decided to not be like the normal kids.

Well, what do I really know? It’s just my imagination playing scenarios and ego talking. And me back then? LOL. I just wanted to practice track & field, play with my friends and fall in love. I had no time to go against society, being perfect for the society is the ticket. Or is it? Who knows. I sure as hell don’t.

I think I’ve become more like the alternative kids. A someone X said today, M, you’re totally diverging from your path, isn’t it time to grow up?

Fk you.  “

“So why should we break the norm”

Because it makes you grow. If it comes from the right place.

Going against the norm puts you in a good state of mind, after a while. There a couple of thoughts and feeling you’ll have to learn to deal with before REALLY growing. Being able to disregard negativity give you self-confidence, if you’re disregarding the negativity correct. If you just ignore it, you’re going to have a big crack in that self-confidence of yours. Listen to what people have to say, make an evaluation of them (that is, is what they’re saying a legit opinion or are they just un-experienced in life and being complete dickheads?).

I’m saying this, because I think some people just call everything that isn’t what one wants to hear at all, for negativity. And that is not always the case. Sometimes that negativity will keep you grounded. It is always good to listen and not ignore it all.

It makes you grow in the way that you become more comfortable in what you’re doing. It open doors to more interests and hidden passions you may have.

It makes you that much more interesting of a person with funny stories to tell. This in turn leads you becoming very attractive for both friends and lovers.

•    It creates you … pushes your limit, gives you a better understanding of what you like and which in turn..

•     Makes you more likely to find the right partner for you.. Because you become more attractive. You’ll have more stories to tell because you’re doing things out of the usual. I’m definitely not saying it’ll all be positive and happy stories. Probably more failures and stupid f’ck ups more than anything else – because when doing something out of the usual, it often starts with a lot of “learning” before becoming a success.

•      Because “YOU” is all you have at the end of the day. People you think never will leave you, do leave you at times. People die. People are unfaithful. People stop having feelings for each other. People get sick or hurt. There is no way to control that. The relationship you have with yourself is the ONLY relationship your stuck with for life. You might wanna start making it count.

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