10 Things You Need To Let Go For..: Happiness

Everyone is constantly chasing it, happiness. The one true goal in life for many of us, but which also escapes most of us. The reason for that being that most of us don’t realize happiness is nothing something you obtain. It’s something you simply are.

The sad part about happiness is that we humans are our own biggest hindrance to achieving our dreams, where we usually get the dose of happy. We have limiting belief’s, we don’t consider our environment, actions or take charge over our emotional states and this messes us up, badly. 

Stop trying to run and hide from yourself. You know better than anyone else that it’s impossible to run away from yourself, you are always going to be stuck with you. So embrace life instead and don’t make it so complicated. ” But my life is sooo complicated!”

I know it can feel like that, and it can be really hard to see life less complicated when you’ve dug yourself in the “pursuit of happiness” hole.

So I’m just going to mention a few things that you should let go off in order to feel happier as a person.


Anger hijacks your ability to to process information rationally, puts you in “fight or flight” and only hurts yourself since you are the only who can actually create that anger. Don’t suppress it if you are really angry, but don’t punch or verbally attack anyone else either. Express it with assertive communication or you know go hit the gym or do some yoga. 

Letting go of it also reduces levels of depression and anxiety, because when you hold on to the resentments, your agitating your ego, and ego is what’s F’in you up. Forgiveness, is the way.

2. The picture of the “Perfect Life”

Perfection is to be hated. When something is perfect, there is nothing else you can do with it. Also, there is no perfect life. Life is what we make of it, so if we don’t work hard, stay true to ourselves and put in effort, you’re going to be miserable. Every action you take is a reflection of the life you will lead. You are the creator of your life, design it the way you want it to be, preferably with the idea of a “win-win” situation with your fellow human beings.

3. Excuses, Excuses, Excuse

“I don’t have time.”, “I don’t have the money.”, “I can’t do it.”. “I’m scared

Fvck your excuses, it’s only bullshit rationalizations that makes you feel temporarily better about yourself for not doing the shit you know you want to do ,in order to become the person you know deep inside you want to become. I’m just going to quote my man J. Peterson here to get you instantly inspired.

“If you can teach people to stand up in the face of the things they’re afraid of, they get stronger. And you don’t know what the upper-limits to that are, because you might ask yourself, if for 10 years, if you didn’t avoid doing what you knew you needed to do, by your own definitions, right? Within the value structure that you’ve created to the degree that you’ve done that. What would you be like?”

4. Stubbornness

Don’t be a prick. Just admit that you are wrong, when you are wrong. Keep an open-mind, at least listen and see what you can learn from it. But don’t be taking in to much information if you are in a bad environment, that shit will sink you faster than Mr Iceberg did with Titanic.

5. Judgmental Thoughts

How come you give so many f’cks about other peoples lives? Did you even make your own bed today? Imagine all the time and effort that you spend giving a shit about others. Seriously, count how many hours you do that in a week, multiply by 52 and get a reality check. Imagine if you instead focused spent that time on yourself and taking action in YOUR life. Instead of consuming someone else and not doing anything. You are ripping yourself off, please stop giving your precious time away to Kardashians and people who don’t bring value to your life.


Ooooh big one to let go off. It’s a constant battle, becomes sometimes insecurity and fear will creep up on you. But when you CRUSH your insecurities, accept, embrace them, you will feel such an increase boost of good feels. You’ll shine like a star, because humans are imperfect by nature, and when you own your imperfections, you attract people with those high energy vibes. There is no reason to be insecure. It’s a shitty construct. Do you think we we’re insecure 2000 years ago hunting for food? It was either do or die. Apply it in today society, it’s more like CHANGE or die.

7. Controlling Behavior

Drop it. Like on the fly. Embrace the unknown. Control brings you misery because there are only so many things you can  actually control in life, and people are not one of them – if you want a happy life, have a vision, a goal, work hard towards it, but let life happen the way it’s meant to be and don’t stress about things you can’t control. 

8. Depending On Others For Happiness

This needs to go through a lot of peoples head.


If you can’t be happy by yourself, then you will not be happy with another person. You will suck out their energy like a needy little annoying pest, it creates dependency/co-dependency (see Stephen Covey) instead of interdependence, which is where your relationship has the highest probability of lasting. Yes, self-amuse yourself even though the venue is playing shit boring music, it’s all in your head. Become comfortable with having fun with you.

9. Expectations

I’ve struggled with this one quite a lot in my life. Having the high achieving mindset, the occasional impatience  and being a sucker for dreaming, I used to be miles ahead from where I actually was. Managing your expectations is KEY to happiness, if you take life for what it is, calibrating what’s in front of you, rather than expecting a certain result, you will be able to fully immerse yourself. You won’t have to live up to anything, it takes the pressure of you, and this totally applies for guys trying to pick up chicks. YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO HAVE SEX WITH HER. Just say Hi, and everything else that happens, if anything happens, is a fucking bonus (and will get you laid anyway!!)

10. FEAR

Let go of fear. Embrace it. Walk towards freedom.

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